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Mon 18 January 2021
How to set your Blogspot blog for Twitter Card Validation
Mon 14 December 2020
Let's do more email
Sun 06 December 2020
DIY Keyword Research for Small Bloggers using absolutely free tools
Sat 14 November 2020
How to perform Microsoft OneDrive OAuth Sign-In and Authorization in a Python Web App
Sat 05 September 2020
How to clear individual site cookies on android firefox
Sun 16 August 2020
Is it good SEO or good content that drives traffic to your blog? - A causal analysis
Thu 06 August 2020
How to use window.hashchange event to implement routing in vanilla javascript
Tue 04 August 2020
Nobody likes standards anymore, everyone wants to create their own walled gardens
Tue 28 July 2020
Two years later, the reasons for Microsoft's Github Acquisition still remain a mystery
Wed 08 July 2020
Intro to Message Flashing: A handy way to send messages across page requests in Flask
Wed 08 July 2020
How to use robocopy for taking regular backups on Windows
Thu 02 July 2020
A crash course in Python Packaging
Wed 11 March 2020
Migrating Disqus comments into Wordpress
Thu 28 November 2019
Why you should never use the dict.get() method in Python
Sun 27 October 2019
Linux DIY: How to identify your MTP file-transfer device (such as smart-phone) in Bash
Thu 24 October 2019
Python Recipe: Combine Multiple Images Into One PDF
Thu 18 July 2019
How to implement URL Routing in Vanilla JavaScript
Sat 06 July 2019
The gimp, the git and the sacred rules that govern offensive behavior
Tue 02 July 2019
Agile Manifesto is problematic
Sat 29 June 2019
Why is there such profound and intense hatred towards jquery library in the WebDev world?
Thu 27 June 2019
Announcing gh_announce - A Python bot that posts a tweet each time you make a release on github!
Wed 26 June 2019
listdir vs scandir vs glob - The one and preferably only one obvious way to do it!
Tue 25 June 2019
CodeMirror - A simple and efficient code editor component for your web applications
Wed 19 June 2019
Building a convention for configuration saver and reader module in Python
Fri 14 June 2019
How To Enforce Conventional Commit Messages Using GIT Hooks
Mon 10 June 2019
Package signing in PIP - It works, in a roundabout sort of way
Tue 21 May 2019
Wordpress to Pelican in 24 Hours
Thu 16 May 2019
Growing intolerance and lack of compassion towards new developers on StackOverflow
Fri 03 May 2019
A Dark Day For Consumer Rights - Right To Repair Bill Killed In Canada Thanks To Corporate Lobbying
Sat 02 February 2019
Foxy Firefighters And The Clash Between Individual And Collective Liberalism
Fri 14 September 2018
Docker Trick: Running Containers Efficiently Using A Bash Script
Thu 13 September 2018
Docker is the best thing to happen to Linux since the GNU bread
Tue 11 September 2018
Performing A Little Usability Tweak On The XFCE Window Recycler in Greybird Theme
Tue 11 September 2018
Linux DIY: Creating a Multiboot USB Drive With ISO Images Of Multiple Distros
Tue 28 August 2018
Userscript Recipe: Adding Auto-Refresh Button to GMail Classic
Tue 28 August 2018
Windows Recipe: How to quickly track your active network connections using Resmon Utility
Tue 24 July 2018
Beware of Uber's vomit fraud when booking a cab next time
Sat 21 July 2018
XFCE panel indicator plugin background fix
Wed 18 July 2018
How to make your Xubuntu 16.04 Desktop look and behave like Ubuntu-MATE
Sat 14 July 2018
Its an eerie world where tech giants can simply ban the plebeians into a digital exile
Thu 12 July 2018
Backbone.Events+Promises+async/await is a great combination for building JavaScript apps
Tue 10 July 2018
Alternative "Reddit like" Social Networking Sites for the Minimalists
Tue 10 July 2018
WordPress DIY: Adding Syntax Highlighting to your WordPress Blog Without using an External Plugin
Mon 09 July 2018
How to create a Server-less Google Drive client using only HTML and JavaScript
Sun 08 July 2018
WordPress DIY: Adding Twitter Cards Meta to your blog Without using an External Plugin
Sat 07 July 2018
Wordpress DIY: Adding Google Analytics Script to your Blog Without using an External Plugin
Fri 06 July 2018
The Right Way to Architect Single Page Web Applications
Thu 05 July 2018
What problem is React/JSX solving in your App?
Tue 03 July 2018
Open Source vs Free Software is a bit like Socialist vs Communist
Fri 29 June 2018
Why GPL isn't working - the Freedom vs Convenience Debate
Thu 28 June 2018
Webpack Project has a Vulnerability
Fri 22 June 2018
Smyte is no more - The latest episode in the acquisition saga of Tech Giants
Mon 11 June 2018
People migrating from Github to Gitlab should learn about these details first
Fri 08 June 2018
Microsoft's Github Acquisition - A Perspective
Sun 04 March 2018
How to use Bash+rsync to automate your periodical backups on Linux
Sat 27 January 2018
Its high time we find alternatives to centralized platforms like Youtube, Patreon and Twitter
Wed 20 September 2017
Tux Drive - A Command Line Tool to Access Google Drive from Linux
Tue 19 September 2017
How To Make Your Ubuntu Desktop Faster
Sat 16 September 2017
Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) - An Objective Review
Thu 07 September 2017
How to Import Disqus comments into Wordpress
Thu 31 August 2017
The Reviewer's Duty and the Tragedy of the commons
Wed 05 July 2017
How to install Debian+LXDE on ANY Android Tablet
Sun 25 June 2017
Flask Recipe - RESTful CRUD using sqlalchemy
Mon 02 January 2017
How to create a Google Drive App in PHP
Thu 29 December 2016
How to create a Google Drive App in Flask
Tue 19 July 2016
How to create a screencast in Xubuntu using ffmpeg
Wed 13 July 2016
How to Unbrick and revive a totally lifeless Xiaomi Mi-Pad
Wed 29 June 2016
Was buying LinkedIn a good decision by Microsoft?
Tue 28 June 2016
How to deal with frequent disconnects of 3G USB Dongle on Linux Desktop
Tue 07 June 2016
List of free online programming courses (MOOC) offering FREE certificates of accomplishment
Fri 26 February 2016
Ten useful LibreOffice Macro Recipes
Tue 16 February 2016
How to assemble a fast and minimal Debian Desktop using Openbox
Sun 07 February 2016
Linux Desktop Survey Project - Feb/2016
Wed 30 December 2015
Eclipse Mars - Not ready for Linux Yet
Thu 24 December 2015
Rockstar Java Series: Learn type annotations and be a better coder
Mon 21 December 2015
Rockstar Java Series: Use default methods and be a better coder
Wed 16 December 2015
Rockstar Java Series: Using Lambda expressions to up your game
Thu 26 November 2015
How to start Android App Development
Mon 09 November 2015
Are your Firefox addons really that safe? - An Insider Story
Sat 07 November 2015
How to add HTML tag highlighting to Geany
Sat 04 July 2015
Sqlalchemy Hack - How to convert a table to dict on the fly
Thu 25 June 2015
Is safe anymore to download software
Wed 10 June 2015
How to know whether my blog post will attract traffic or not
Fri 06 February 2015
How to host a Flask app on Openshift
Wed 04 February 2015
Farewell Wordpress, Hello Jekyll!
Sat 20 December 2014
4 Ways to share your mobile internet with a PC/laptop
Fri 19 December 2014
7 Reasons I would prefer an Android Phone over WP8
Mon 30 June 2014
PHP - An Annoying Tryst
Sat 28 June 2014
9 Optimizations to make your Linux Desktop fly like a Rocket!
Sun 22 June 2014
PHP-FPM vs node.js - The REAL Performance Battle
Mon 09 June 2014
PHP vs node.js: The REAL statistics
Sat 07 June 2014
How to create a custom email plugin for Wordpress
Thu 05 June 2014
An Introduction to Go - Elegance with Power and Simplicity
Mon 02 June 2014
The REAL way to make Eclipse run faster on Ubuntu
Mon 21 April 2014
How to make your ubuntu machine thank you for its battery life!
Sun 19 January 2014
Google appengine tip: How to clear appcfg credential cache
Mon 30 December 2013
How to host your own mail server using Google appengine
Fri 06 December 2013
How to create a Python app in Google App Engine
Sun 01 December 2013
How to create android dialogs in a reusable manner
Thu 28 November 2013
How to uniquely identify your Android device in code
Wed 27 November 2013
The 7 "Bread and Butter" Plugins for your Wordpress blog
Tue 26 November 2013
How to Generate PDFs in Python for Google App Engine
Sun 24 November 2013
3 Steps to integrate barcode scanning in your Android app
Sat 23 November 2013
Some Wordpress tips and tricks
Sun 17 November 2013
Wordpress installation quick-start guide