Foxy Firefighters And The Clash Between Individual And Collective Liberalism

The biggest speculation in the tech industry these days concern net neutrality and the last week was no different. Whilst I’m happy that TRAI is clear on upholding the net neutrality in my own country, India, the clouds of doom could be clearly seen in USA as the FCC is trying hard to banish net neutrality and bring control of the Internet in the hands of a few large companies. (more…)

Docker Trick: Running Containers Efficiently Using A Bash Script

One of the basic problems with running a docker image is that its too easy to spew up multiple instances or containers of the same image. Consider running the following container for instance:

docker run -it -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="test" -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="test" \
--net=host "prahladyeri/testimage:latest" /bin/bash


Docker is the best thing to happen to Linux since the GNU bread

Its has become an oft-repeated cliche now that docker has become the latest buzzword, both in DevOps circles as well as the open source community. But being the ever cynic and contrarian, I wasn’t quite convinced of its merits until quite recently, I thought it was just another hype that will come and go like all other things. (more…)

Performing A Little Usability Tweak On The XFCE Window Recycler in Greybird Theme

Xubuntu is my favorite distro, hands down and the default Greybird theme is just wonderful! There used to be a time when I liked Ubuntu-MATE too, but not so much since they took the road to GTK+3! Coming back to the topic, XFCE works great but it has a small usability issue in the default Greybird theme which annoys most power users. (more…)

Linux DIY: Creating a Multiboot USB Drive With ISO Images Of Multiple Distros

Though I’m not a distro-hopper exactly, I keep trying live versions of popular linux distros like debian and ubuntu every now and then, and while I generally use the “dd” command which works right out of the box, today I thought that instead of burning a new ISO image each time, why not create a single 16GB USB stick which can boot multiple distro images! (more…)

Userscript Recipe: Adding Auto-Refresh Button to GMail Classic

Call me old, but I much prefer the older classic GMail interface to the modern bloated one. Not only is the classic version less bandwidth consuming, but also simplistic in nature with just the buttons and tools that we need. (more…)

Windows Recipe: How to quickly track your active network connections using Resmon Utility

Windows 10 is a great operating system when its clean and well-maintained but once you start cluttering it with more and more apps, your Internet speed typically starts to slow down and it becomes increasingly difficult to find out which background app is consuming your bandwidth. (more…)

Beware of Uber’s vomit fraud when booking a cab next time

According to some recent reports by top technology blogs, Uber drivers have been reportedly engaging in an activity called “vomit fraud”. Basically, Uber (and many other cab services too) allow their drivers to collect a fine of up to $150 if their customer creates a mess in the cab (such as puking). (more…)

XFCE panel indicator plugin background fix

The indicator plugin in XFCE panel has been a very useful but also a very controversial plugin! The reason is that its the only plugin on the XFCE panel developed in GTK3 (whereas rest of the panel is developed in GTK2) and this causes some theming issues. (more…)

How to make your Xubuntu 16.04 Desktop look and behave like Ubuntu-MATE

Xubuntu is one of the most popular among the “lighter” distros as it hardly consumes 200MB when idle and even older machines are able to run with acceptable performance. Ubuntu-MATE which is based on MATE Desktop (a GNOME-2 fork) is also a similar competing distro though its debatable whether its as light as Xubuntu in terms of resource consumption. (more…)