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dateutil.relativedelta: A must have tool in your python kitty

Making additions or subtractions to datetime variables is one of the most commonly encountered programming endeavors and that's what the built-in datetime.datetime.timedelta object is for in python. Its very useful in adding hours or days to your datetime variables as follows: import datetime now = tea_time … Read More

The Right Way to serve static files when using Django with Gunicorn

Yesterday, I learned during deployment that your Django app when used in combination with gunicorn will refuse to serve static files, do whatever you may. I looked up almost every Stack Overflow answer post on this topic including this, this and this. I meddled with almost every hopeful setting including … Read More

Let's do more email

The privacy advocates have been quite vocally and vehemently discouraging the use of email since almost a decade now but contrary to popular opinion, I strongly believe that despite being old, Email is a wonderful technology and mode of communication with several benefits, and it can optionally be made fully … Read More

DIY Keyword Research for Small Bloggers using absolutely free tools

There are a plethora of keyword research tools available in the market such as SEMRush, ahrefs, KWFinder, etc. and while a subscription to them makes sense if you are a small company or startup, it definitely doesn't for small bloggers who work with a limited budget. But even if you … Read More

How to clear individual site cookies on android firefox

One might wonder why an entire blog post is needed for a simple matter of clearing cookies on a web browser in the 21st century. But believe it or not, such are the state of things when it comes to android browsing! Firefox is a great browser to have on … Read More

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