A collection of random hacks – Ubuntu

Whether you are a sysadmin, developer or just a user, if you face a non-trivial issue while setting up any software, you generally head over to sites like stackoverflow.com to find any solutions. If the problem is solved and you are happy, you generally do two things: Bookmark/Star that post, and secondly make a note to your own workflow about that issue for future references. For what its worth, here is the collection of such notes prepared by me for ubuntu 12.04 LTS. However, most solutions should work on 14.04 too. (more…)

Sqlalchemy Hack – How to convert a table to dict on the fly

In on of my recent projects, I came across the need to develop a JSON based REST API to fetch data from the sqlalchemy objects. Now, the Query object is a great way to access data using the powerful sqlalchemy orm, but it doesn’t give any built-in way to convert the result-set into a python dict. (more…)