Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) – An Objective Review

Today, I installed the Daily Build of the upcoming Ubuntu 17.10 in VirtualBox and gave it a try. This was supposed to be the first one that replaced Unity Desktop with GNOME. After having used 16.04 LTS for a long time, I felt that this version is quite stable but still lacking in some respects from what I consider to be a proper Ubuntu OS. Below are my observations:

Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardwork)

Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardwark)

  1. Slightly Higher Memory Consumption in Idle Mode: One of the first things I’ve observed is that Artful eats a bigger chunk of memory than its predecessors. The 16.04 LTS typically consumes in the range of 400-450 MB at rest, whereas Artful consumed a good 639 MB which is slightly higher. The gnome process itself accounted for more than 300 MB at rest, which is a bit higher when compared to the original GNOME Desktop. Maybe, they’ll fix this in the final release version.
  2. Shortcuts Dialog Missing: In the Unity Desktop, I very much depend on the “Shortcuts Dialog” which is a dialog that pops up when you long press the Super key on the Desktop:
    Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog

    Unity Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog

    As you can see, this gives a good overview of various shortcut keys and comes in very handy for many Ubuntu users. Perhaps, the devs have forgotten to add this feature when they transitioned Ubuntu to the GNOME desktop.

  3. Many Shortcuts Missing: There are many actual shortcuts too which are missing in this version. One of the important ones for example is HUD which is a quite well known feature. Another one is the “Super+Tab” shortcut which allows you to cycle through the dock menu in Unity.
    Ubuntu Dock

    Ubuntu Dock

    Again, this important shortcut is missing which contributes much to the usability of a typical Ubuntu user. Maybe, this is all right from a GNOME user’s perspective but we are talking about Ubuntu here and not Ubuntu-GNOME, so the features of the former should have a priority and not the latter. If this turns out to be just another clone of Ubuntu-GNOME, then what’s the use of having Ubuntu, people can already use the Ubuntu-GNOME Desktop for that.

  4. Stable Performance: Other than the points described above, Ubuntu 17.10 seems ready for the prime time. But having said that, I haven’t come across any drastic feature addition to 16.04 LTS yet, so I’m not going to switch just yet. If Wayland improves over the years and  makes a drastic improvement in performance (as they had originally promised), then lets see! Until then, its just wait and watch.


  1. What’s interesting in ubuntu 17.10 compared to 16.04 ?

    • Prahlad Yeri says:

      The only interesting thing is the switch to GNOME 3.26. Though the 17.10 Desktop looks very much like 16.04 one, its different under the hood as Unity has been dismantled in favor of GNOME. Otherwise, I’ve found nothing interesting in it. Its advisable to stay on 16.04 LTS right now.

  2. peteki says:

    Agree with Prahlad. I tried to change the clock format but gave up. Returning to 16.04.

  3. Craig Roll says:

    I installed 17.10 in virtual box and after five minutes deleted the machine. I could not for the life of me figure out how to put an icon on the desktop. When I tried the standard method of using file to copy the application to the desktop folder, it put a trash file on the desktop called .desktop that did nothing when clicked. If something this fundamental is broken I can only assume that they broke everything and are expecting the users to do their alpha testing for them.

    • Prahlad Yeri says:

      Yup, Unity to GNOME in 17.10 is a HUGE transition and to top it, this is a non-LTS release. So, users are pretty much expected to be alpha testers! Better stick to the LTS release for work on anything that matters significantly, and only experiment with Artful as a passing interest.

  4. Raf says:

    I agree with the shortcuts issues. I hope that with the next versions the programmers will fill these gaps

  5. peter chen says:

    When we login, we have choice between 6 possibilities. By default it is “ubuntu”. I got a lot of bugs. My cursor is not an arrow but have the shape of a hand without possibility of left right or dabble click. Pity ! Then i choose unity. Alas, i got no shortcut at all, no impr, no suppr even no Ctrl+Alt+t …. Terrific. I choose GNOME with capital letters on top of the panel and all seems OK. The new kernel is efficient, more fluid and fast. I hope the team fix all for 18.04.

  6. whatever says:

    Objective review:

    Don’t use it if you have a laptop with PRIME graphic cards. You will end by using Xorg session but it seem not finished at all. I mean, lot of status icon just don’t appear (transmission, Steam, etc…). You have to fix it yourself using extra plugin for gnome shell.

    Don’t use it as a workstation for Android developpement.

    Emulator will not run until you remove manually the stdc++ lib inside the emulator install folder. Then, if you do that, if your emulator try to use OpenGLES, you will face weird behavior like crash, google map weird color, etc.

    Don’t install genymotion either, it will work a bit better, but instant app just crash the entire workstation. Very cool.

    Ubuntu, please finish your products. AND the system seem SLLLOOWWWWWW.

    core i7 6600 + 15G of RAM + gtx 1060 6GO here.

    I’ll come back to mint 18.3 as soon as possible. This version of ubuntu (and the one before) litteraly killing my production day by day. thanks you very much/

  7. John S says:

    Not a person committed to Ubuntu or Linux, but I run Ubuntu mostly on a older PC desktop mini from Acer. Its plenty fast for Ubuntu which in some ways I like better than Windows 10. I never disliked Unity but the new Gnome UI is slick and very modern looking much as what I thought of Unity when it came out. The advantage of this is I feel marketing Ubuntu on a Dell or other PC makers laptops is going to make Ubuntu look pretty good against Windows 10. I am seriously considering installing Ubuntu 17.10 on my laptop too. At least in a duel boot config. Probably wait though until 17.10 get’s a bit more mature.

  8. Audai says:

    We can’t open eclipse in this version of ubuntu !!!

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