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Eclipse Mars - Not ready for Linux Yet

So after hearing about all the hype and praises about this Eclipse new release called Mars, I decided to give it a try on my Ubuntu laptop yesterday. Since I already use Kepler the older version, I was looking for some big positives like performance improvements (most often talked about … Read More

Rockstar Java Series: Using Lambda expressions to up your game

Java 8 comes with a lot more improvements and features than most people seem to realize. One such feature that can boost your productivity as a Java Programmer is Lambda expressions. To learn just how beneficial this oft less understood feature is, lets take a very simple example: A Product … Read More

How to start Android App Development

One of the most frequently asked questions on almost any social networking sites these days is how do I start android app programming? Indeed, it is as if Android Development has become some abstract and obscure layer of programming model that only few Illuminati sort of individuals seem accomplished at … Read More

The REAL way to make Eclipse run faster on Ubuntu

If you are still one of those people who are frustrated with the crawling speed of eclipse IDE (especially after the recent clunky releases of Juno/Kepler), then you are in good company! Most of the advice you might have read until now for speeding up Eclipse must have involved … Read More

3 Steps to integrate barcode scanning in your Android app

Whilst barcode scanning is a pretty complex and non-trivial task in itself, it could be overwhelming sometimes with android programming. Lucky for us, there exists an opensource project called ZXing (pronounced Zebra-crossing) that solves this problem for us. The ZXing project has already done the heavy lifting by programming the … Read More