Its an eerie world where tech giants can simply ban the plebeians into a digital exile

Today morning, I came across this medium post from Jackson Cunningham in which he describes how AirBnB simply banned him for life from their website without a due process. Jackson’s mistake: (more…)

Backbone.Events+Promises+async/await is a great combination for building JavaScript apps

At the risk of being a contrarian, I’d like to show in this article how exactly can the Backbone’s Events model be combined with the more modern constructs of Promises and async/await to build a killer app using JavaScript. (more…)

Alternative “Reddit like” Social Networking Sites for the Minimalists

Minimalists are those netizens who prefer websites that mostly contain rich and relevant textual content (with maybe bits of images sprinkled here and here), but certainly not auto-playing videos, flashy animations, animated gifs and motion ads. Making an excruciatingly heavy and painful website by combining all these things not only take a toll on the server’s back end resources, but is also a step back in the advancement of the Internet, not forward, at least in my humble opinion. (more…)

WordPress DIY: Adding Syntax Highlighting to your WordPress Blog Without using an External Plugin

Just as my other articles in WordPress DIY series, this one also focuses on doing everything yourself by writing the code rather than using any external dependencies. There are two popular open source implementations of Syntax Highlighting JavaScript libraries: Google’s Prettify and Alex Gorbatchev’s Syntax Highlighter, and in this article, we will use the former. (more…)

How to create a Server-less Google Drive client using only HTML and JavaScript

A few days ago, I had to work on a project of this kind and the information and documentation available on this topic was quite bewildering. As a result, I decided to write this article in order to make everything available at one place. (more…)

WordPress DIY: Adding Twitter Cards Meta to your blog Without using an External Plugin

Just like my last article, we won’t be focusing on using a third party plugin, but write our own plugin. I’m a minimalist and don’t prefer to use layer-2 solutions for really trivial things that can easily be achieved by writing code. (more…)

WordPress DIY: Adding Google Analytics Script to your Blog Without using an External Plugin

Adding a custom script element to your WordPress blog is really straightforward if you know what you are doing and there isn’t any need to install a third-party plugin for this. (more…)

The Right Way to Architect Single Page Web Applications

Lets face it, Web Apps are a complex and complicated beast, both on the front end and back end. The reason we had to come up with so many frameworks and libraries (angular/backbone/react/vue/marionette/require.js/etc.) is that the whole process is quite difficult and convoluted. (more…)

What problem is React/JSX solving in your App?

Framework wars and debates are very much a thing these days, be it Angular vs Backbone or Angular vs React, but the real debate isn’t about these frameworks. The real debate essentially comes down to which is the most efficient way of structuring your app and more importantly, rendering and managing your DOM. (more…)

Open Source vs Free Software is a bit like Socialist vs Communist

Socialism and Communism have a lot in common, both ideologies aim to bring an equilibrium and welfare in the society by removing the income inequality between the rich and the poor. However, how they both go about doing their business is what makes the difference between sky and earth. Whilst Communism does advocate the use of force to achieve its aim, Socialism does not and that’s the major difference of spirit between them. If you remove this force element, you’ll in fact find that they are both pretty much the same thing with only technical differences here and there. (more…)