How to create android dialogs in a reusable manner

Creating dialogs is a very common need in your app to show a dialog box to the user in order to fetch a value, be it a mobile, desktop or even a web application. Furthermore, the values can range from anything like simple OK-Cancel dialog results to a list of “check-able” values or even a date-range. (more…)

How to uniquely identify your Android device in code

My last android project involved tracking each device where the app is installed and storing the information to a database. It is quite a common need to uniquely identify your android device in code. (more…)

The 7 “Bread and Butter” Plugins for your WordPress blog

Based on my experiments while setting up this blog, below are the 7 “bread and butter” plugins for your wordpress blog. These plugins came very handy for me and allowed me to seamlessly integrate much needed functionality in my blog without writing a single line of php code. (more…)

How to Generate PDFs in Python for Google App Engine

One of my last projects based on google app engine and python involved storing form data in GAE datastore and generating PDF documents that the user can download. Whilst data storing was the easier part as google’s big data API it is pretty well documented, the trickier aspect was to convert it to PDF using python. (more…)

3 Steps to integrate barcode scanning in your Android app

Whilst barcode scanning is a pretty complex and non-trivial task in itself, it could be overwhelming sometimes with android programming. Lucky for us, there exists an opensource project called ZXing (pronounced Zebra-crossing) that solves this problem for us. (more…)

Some WordPress tips and tricks

WordPress is a universally recognized and robust blogging platform written in the PHP language. Below are a bunch of WordPress tricks that I’ve learned during my deployments, and I’d like to share with you. (more…)

WordPress installation quick-start guide

WordPress is a blogging platform that is very easy to use, but involves many configuration trivia which may become overwhelming, unless organized and documented somewhere. Based on my experience of setting up this website, here are the things that I had to keep in mind to get it up and running: (more…)