Open Source vs Free Software is a bit like Socialist vs Communist

Socialism and Communism have a lot in common, both ideologies aim to bring an equilibrium and welfare in the society by removing the income inequality between the rich and the poor. However, how they both go about doing their business is what makes the difference between sky and earth. Whilst Communism does advocate the use of force to achieve its aim, Socialism does not and that’s the major difference of spirit between them. If you remove this force element, you’ll in fact find that they are both pretty much the same thing with only technical differences here and there. (more…)

Why GPL isn’t working – the Freedom vs Convenience Debate

What distinguishes GPL from other freedom licenses is their premise:

The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) is a widely used free software license, which guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software.


Webpack Project is sitting on a vulnerability, avoid it at all costs!

The other day, I was going through this medium post which describes the kind of chaos and insecurity currently plaguing the JavaScript world, and the numero uno reason for that is the astronomical number of npm packages. (more…)

Smyte is no more – The latest episode in the acquisition saga of Tech Giants

Not even a month has been passed since Microsoft gave a big surprise to the world at large and the open source community by acquiring Github Inc. a few days ago, and there has been another acquisition yesterday. This time, Twitter Inc. bought the well known online service Smyte. Smyte was an online provider of anti-abuse technology services, i.e. things like AI algorithms for identifying online trolling, etc. Many customers were totally dependent on this provider’s API which suddenly disappeared off the radar after Twitter Inc. acquired them yesterday. (more…)

People migrating from Github to Gitlab should learn about these details first

After Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Github, a mass exodus has kind of begun and many small and large projects are moving their code bases to the much hyped Gitlab in a hurry, and these include both open and closed source projects. However, before migrating to Gitlab, they should take a pause and learn something about Gitlab and consider evaluating other alternatives too. (more…)

Its high time we find alternatives to centralized platforms like Youtube, Patreon and Twitter

The other day, I was listening to this Linux Unplugged podcast when I realized to what extent we have been locked in by the so-called “platforms” already.

Only few days ago, Google started blocking some of Amazon’s videos on Youtube only because Amazon refused to sell Nest Cams and Chromecasts on their website among other things. (more…)