prahladyeri/CuratedLists - Curated Lists of various things
(Last commit: 1 days ago)

prahladyeri/ - Source code for generating my static blog (Powered by Pelican)
(Last commit: 2 days ago)

prahladyeri/siterank - A python script to get alexa global rank for a given website or domain
(Last commit: 4 days ago)

prahladyeri/vtscan - Utility to scan for malicious files using the VirusTotal API
(Last commit: 5 days ago)

prahladyeri/cfgsaver - Module to save and fetch configuration data in a standard path and format
(Last commit: 6 days ago)

prahladyeri/enforce-git-message - Enforces conventional git commit messages for git repositories
(Last commit: 6 days ago)

prahladyeri/gar-cron - A script to send you reminders about your github commit activity
(Last commit: 6 days ago)

prahladyeri/distroverify - Utility to verify any linux distro file (*.iso) for its integrity
(Last commit: 10 days ago)

prahladyeri/pipshow - A script to show details of any python package, irrespective of whether its installed or not
(Last commit: 11 days ago)

prahladyeri/fixnames - A utility to scan and fix linux filenames with special characters by renaming them
(Last commit: 13 days ago)

prahladyeri/resume - Resume of Prahlad Yeri
(Last commit: 27 days ago)

prahladyeri/VisualAlchemist - Open source database diagramming and automation tool
(Last commit: 31 days ago)

prahladyeri/tuxdrive - Console based google drive client for Linux
(Last commit: 38 days ago)

prahladyeri/exch-rate - Simple Python tool to fetch and convert foreign exchange rates
(Last commit: 41 days ago)